What is the Suite Organizer?

An organizer for all your data.
School - location, calendar, classes, books, purchases, loans, assignments, teacher and admin contacts.

Vehicles - make, model, vin, license, dmv info, tire purchases, odometer readings, oil changes, maintenance, sales.

- family, friends, organization contacts, related medical info, calendar, business, addresses, phones, email addresses, websites.

- create and send newsletters, print lists, multiple data relationships.

- create new websites for multiple domains and sub-domains, upload free templates, templates for blogs or articles.

Custom Applications
- no sql involved, php and html programming is all that is needed.

- import or customize your own logical methods of storing data, then create reports, still without the need of sql programming.

- purchasing, invoicing, dashboard, graphing, inventory, and so much more.

Exports and Imports
- custom configurations can be created, exported, and imported. Data can be imported from text files that will create your data tables on-the-fly. Standard configurations can be set up in a matter of a few minutes. All data entry forms are created on-the-fly, too.

It's all about the data you store. Once it's entered into the Suite Organizer, standardization is the key to getting what you need fast and accurately.

Try it here. This is a fully functional instance of the program. You can back up, restore and export your data and configuration from the Configuration menus. You may also install a new instance of the program from here.

Project Background

The example sites above (and this one) don't look special in any way, but the maintenance and design are maintained through the easy to use back-end. The menus are automatically created which are links to record items in the database. Share your records on as many sites as necessary. Even format records differently for each site.

The Suite Organizer is a DMS (Data Management System) and application development platform. It started as a health care solution, then realizing that by scaling back and concentrating on the relational aspects, it could be more dynamic and now seems to have no limits. The simple organization of data makes it simple to use, but still maintains the flexibility to easily design according to your needs and imagination. Each concept can be pre-packaged and installed as needed for savings and future growth. More info at the old site...

Click here to experience one example of using a record template to change the site from one design to another. Click the Home menu item to return to this view.

I am currently the only team member. If you are interested in this project, please use the form below to express your interest.

Application Goals

  • Functional Design 100%
  • Customizable 100%
  • User Experience 100%
  • Data Driven 100%


SaaS and Hosting

There are many ways Suite Organizer can be offered. Hosting on personal servers, hosted virtual machines, ISP hosting, or offered through an ISP as SaaS.

Fully Responsive

Any free, custom or premium templates can be uploaded as a package through the Suite Organzier for use in creating one or more websites. Then, customize them to your needs, whether it is for personal, business, or a volunteer site. Websites are also created through the Suite Organizer and maintained using the Suite Organizer. It takes seconds to choose your template, domain and sub-domain, then click Save to create a website. Compass (this landing page) is a free responsive mobile website template from the templatemo website. You can use this template for your websites. Groups and categories can be used to identify information that will be shared through your websites using a single reference number.

Easy to Edit

Create and Manage all of your data, applications, and websites through a single instance of the Suite Organizer. Can't believe it? Try it! Install a Demo.
Also, check out some of the templates listed on the old site - Sweet Organizer.com

Web developers will love the extras that you can offer your current and future clients. Create the main website, then add sub-domains to fulfill your client's application needs when they're ready using the same platform. Add mobile apps to expand their options.

Learn It Quick

Extremely easy to learn. Learn HTML, CSS and PHP, add jQuery, Java, or other client side code to make your site shine above the others. No need to learn SQL because PHP gives you access to pull the data you need.

If you are interested in learning the Suite Organizer, choose a location south-west of the intersection of Channel Islands and Saviers from this Time Warner Cable WiFi access map and let me know what day and time you would like to meet using the contact form below. There is no charge and time of our meeting will be determined by your interest.


Click to Configure
Database Backup and Restore
Import and Export Custom XML   Configurations
Import from CSV and simultaneously   create data tables.
Export data to CSV with relational id's.
Add attributes and relate to any   category.
Customize your own Groups,   Categories and Fields
Built-in applications, like multi-store   management, including websites.
Create unlimited websites using   different domains and sub-domains.
Share the same data between   different websites/domains.
Create Newsletters
Add groups used to email newletters.


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